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Code Course Instructor Room Campus Day
ACC309 Managerial Accounting for ManagersAlfonso Espana201 VBMAIN NFH
ACC480 Advanced Accounting IAlfonso Espana202 VBMAIN NIS
BUS321 Business Organization ManagementJohn Rajan211 VBMAIN DTR
BUS345 E-commerce & TechnologyKuf Usanga402 VBMAIN DSH
BUS472 Applied Project ManagementJohn Rajan404 VBMAIN NMW
CAP480 Arts & Sciences CapstoneJoseph Faulkner400 VBMAIN NMW
CAP480 Arts & Sciences CapstoneCandice Hassell402 VBMAIN NFH
CAP480 Arts & Sciences CapstoneKimberly Centers203 VBMAIN DMW
CIS106 Introduction to Operating SystemsMichael Hanna401 VBMAIN NTR
CIS106 Introduction to Operating SystemsKasam Hamza413 VBMAIN DSH
CIS106 Introduction to Operating SystemsLanae Harris413 VBMAIN DTR
CIS115 Computer ApplicationsQuantrel Pringle211 VBMAIN NTR
CIS115 Computer ApplicationsZachary CollierHybrid VBMAIN DSH
CIS115 Computer ApplicationsZachary Collier402 VBMAIN DTR
CIS126 Introduction to ProgrammingWilliam Thorne403 VBMAIN NMW
CIS126 Introduction to ProgrammingMike Jensen211 VBMAIN NFH
CIS126 Introduction to ProgrammingLanae Harris403 VBMAIN DMW
CIS126L Introduction to Programming LABKasam Hamza403 VBMAIN NTR
CIS126L Introduction to Programming LABAdham Zahralddin211 VBMAIN DSH
CIS142 Introduction to Cloud SolutionsKondo Litchmore413 VBMAIN NFH
CIS142 Introduction to Cloud SolutionsScott Gibson400 VBMAIN DMW
CIS202 Introduction to Routing and SwitchingHussein Moustafa414 VBMAIN NMW
CIS202 Introduction to Routing and SwitchingMatthew Vogel404 VBMAIN NFH
CIS202 Introduction to Routing and SwitchingJoe Blow404 VBMAIN DMW
CIS202 Introduction to Routing and SwitchingWillie Fuller405 VBMAIN DMW2
CIS202L Introduction to Routing and Switching LABHussein Moustafa414 VBMAIN NTR
CIS202L Introduction to Routing and Switching LABWillie Fuller405 VBMAIN DTR2
CIS202L Introduction to Routing and Switching LABMatthew VogelHybrid VBMAIN DSH
CIS202L Introduction to Routing and Switching LABJoe Blow404 VBMAIN DTR
CIS207L Routing and Switching LABJason Olney413 VBMAIN NTR
CIS207L Routing and Switching LABAnibal Rios414 VBMAIN DTR
CIS213 JavascriptLanae Harris420A VBMAIN DIS
CIS218 Object-Oriented Programming Using JavaNilan Karunaratne405 VBMAIN NFH
CIS218 Object-Oriented Programming Using JavaWilliam Warner400 VBMAIN DTR
CIS321 Network ScriptingAdham Zahralddin404 VBMAIN NTR
CIS321 Network ScriptingKasam Hamza202 VBMAIN NFH
CIS321 Network ScriptingAnibal Rios413 VBMAIN DMW
CIS321 Network ScriptingAnibal RiosT101 OCEANA DMW
CIS435L SQL Server LABNilan KarunaratneHybrid VBMAIN DSH
CIS480 Software Development CapstoneWilliam Warner422 VBMAIN PROJ IS
CIS490 Bachelor's Externship-CISScott Gibson420A VBMAIN DX
CIS495 Cyber and Network Security CapstoneLinda WaltersHybrid VBMAIN NFH
CJ115 Drugs and CrimeJohn Landfair411 VBMAIN DSH
CJ130 Ethics in Criminal JusticeTom Gustin411 VBMAIN NTR
CJ205 Juvenile JusticeLeslie Willwerth411 VBMAIN NMW
CJ205 Juvenile JusticeBarb Yaeger411 VBMAIN NFH
CJ225 Crime Scene ManagementDon Laduke207 VBMAIN DMW
CJ235 CriminologyDon Laduke411 VBMAIN DTR
CJ340 Organized CrimeStuart Innes JD411 VBMAIN DMW
COM115 Principles of CommunicationCandice Hassell211 VBMAIN NMW
EET110 Electric Circuits ITahsin Durak210 VBMAIN NFH
EET204 Externship-EET I-bWael IbrahimDX
EET221L Instrumentation and Measurement LABWilliam Smith214 VBMAIN NFH
EET230 Digital Systems IIEdwin Bautista210 VBMAIN DSH
EET230L Digital Systems LABNing Hu212 VBMAIN DTR
EET302 Externship-EET Sr. IIIWael IbrahimDX
EET310 Circuit AnalysisVenkata Khambhammettu360 VBMAIN NTRDL
EET411 Senior ProjectWael IbrahimTBD
EET411L Senior Project LABWael IbrahimTBD
EET430L Microcontrollers LABNing Hu212 VBMAIN NMW
ENG099 Introduction to WritingJerome WhiteIS ALL
ENG110 College CompositionJerome White360 VBMAIN NFH
ENG110 College CompositionJoseph Faulkner211 VBMAIN DMW
ENG120 Advanced CompositionKimberly Centers400 VBMAIN DSH
ESET111 Electric Circuits IIAhmed Temtam210 VBMAIN NMW
ESET111 Electric Circuits IIVenkata Khambhammettu201 VBMAIN DMW
ESET111L Electric Circuits LABAhmed Temtam210 VBMAIN NTR
ESET111L Electric Circuits LABVenkata Khambhammettu201 VBMAIN DTR
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessTom Gustin401 VBMAIN NMW
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessJames SilverHybrid VBMAIN NFH
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessGlenn Corillo401 VBMAIN DMW
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessGlenn Corillo401 VBMAIN DTR
HUM205 Culture and DiversityDuncan Campbell201 VBMAIN NMW
HUM205 Culture and DiversityJerome White360 VBMAIN DMW
HUM205 Culture and DiversityDuncan Campbell206 VBMAIN DSH
MET211 StaticsScott Vanden Berg206 VBMAIN NMW
MET221 Manufacturing ProcessesBryan Marz207 VBMAIN NFH
MET311 MechanismsLubambala KabengelaISNMW
MET414 Applied Finite Element AnalysisLubambala Kabengela207 VBMAIN NMW
MET434L Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics LABLubambala Kabengela207 VBMAIN NTR
MSCS501 Cybersecurity SynopsisMark Pardue400 VBMAIN NTR
MTH099 Introduction to MathematicsAbduladhim Hamza201 VBMAIN NTR
MTH099 Introduction to MathematicsKevin Mitchell202 VBMAIN DSH
MTH099 Introduction to MathematicsKaren Collins202 VBMAIN DTR
MTH131 College AlgebraAbduladhim Hamza402 VBMAIN NMW
MTH131 College AlgebraAdam Becker400 VBMAIN NFH
MTH131 College AlgebraAbduladhim Hamza402 VBMAIN DMW
MTH140 StatisticsGueorgui Dovgalenko202 VBMAIN DMW
MTH220 Applied Calculus IRonald White203 VBMAIN DSH
PHY120 PhysicsEric Brass412 VBMAIN NMW
PHY120L Physics LabEric Brass412 VBMAIN NTR
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyYvette Rice-Steward402 VBMAIN NTR
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyVeronica Lambert414 VBMAIN NFH
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyVeronica Lambert206 VBMAIN DMW
PSY220 Positive PsychologyYvette Rice-Steward403 VBMAIN DTR