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Code Course Instructor Room Campus Day
ACC309 Managerial Accounting for ManagersAlfonso Espana363 VBMAIN NMW
ACC321 Intermediate Accounting IIAlfonso Espana363 VBMAIN NTR
BUS121 Introduction to BusinessDanielle Mathis402 VBMAIN NTR
BUS222 Ethics in BusinessJohn Rajan201 VBMAIN NTR
BUS472 Applied Project ManagementPeter NataleHybrid VBMAIN NFH
BUS472 Applied Project ManagementPeter Natale204 VBMAIN NFH
CIS106 Introduction to Operating SystemsWillie Fuller400 VBMAIN NTR
CIS115 Computer ApplicationsSharon Shaw203 VBMAIN NTR
CIS206 Linux AdministrationWilliam Thorne413 VBMAIN NMW
CIS212 Principles of CybersecurityMichael Hanna403 VBMAIN NTR
CIS223 Introduction to DatabasesKasam Hamza400 VBMAIN NMW
CIS245 Windows Client and ServerAdham Zahralddin404 VBMAIN NMW
CIS245 Windows Client and ServerMatthew VogelHybrid VBMAIN NFH
CIS245 Windows Client and ServerMatthew Vogel414 VBMAIN NFH
CIS245L Windows Client and Server LABAdham Zahralddin404 VBMAIN NTR
CIS420 Systems Analysis & DesignKondo LitchmoreHybrid VBMAIN NFH
CIS420 Systems Analysis & DesignKondo Litchmore400 VBMAIN NFH
CIS425 Advanced Defense and CountermeasuresHussein Moustafa414 VBMAIN NMW
CIS425L Advanced Defense and Countermeasures LABHussein Moustafa414 VBMAIN NTR
CIS480 Software Development CapstoneWilliam Warner422 VBMAIN NIS
CIS495 Cyber and Network Security CapstoneLinda WaltersHybrid VBMAIN NFH
CIS495 Cyber and Network Security CapstoneLinda Walters416 VBMAIN NFH
CJ225 Crime Scene ManagementPaula Allen411 VBMAIN NTR
CJ235 CriminologyLeslie Willwerth411 VBMAIN NMW
COM115 Principles of CommunicationGlenn Corillo211 VBMAIN NMW
COM115 Principles of CommunicationJames SilverHybrid VBMAIN NFH
COM115 Principles of CommunicationJames Silver206 VBMAIN NFH
ECO201 MacroeconomicsAlex HamedHybrid VBMAIN NFH
ECO201 MacroeconomicsAlex Hamed203 VBMAIN NFH
ECO202 MicroeconomicsAlex Hamed203 VBMAIN NMW
EET120 Semiconductor DevicesTahsin DurakHybrid VBMAIN NFH
EET120 Semiconductor DevicesTahsin Durak210 VBMAIN NFH
EET192L Introduction to 3-D Modeling LABVedat Aksoy206 VBMAIN NTR
EET223 Electronic Devices & Operational AmplifiersWilliam Smith212 VBMAIN NFH
EET223 Electronic Devices & Operational AmplifiersWilliam SmithHybrid VBMAIN NFH
ENG110 College CompositionJoseph Faulkner403 VBMAIN NMW
ENG110 College CompositionKimberly CentersHybrid VBMAIN NFH
ENG110 College CompositionKimberly Centers413 VBMAIN NFH
ESET280 Introduction to Communications SystemsVenkata Khambhammettu212 VBMAIN NTR
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessKimberly Centers401 VBMAIN NMW
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessTom Gustin401 VBMAIN NFH
FOR110 Essentials for SuccessTom GustinHybrid VBMAIN NFH
HUM205 Culture and DiversityJerome White353 VBMAIN NTR
MET211 StaticsBryan MarzHybrid VBMAIN NFH
MET211 StaticsBryan Marz207 VBMAIN NFH
MET311 MechanismsSteve Ward207 VBMAIN NTR
MET330 Applied Fluid MechanicsScott Vanden Berg207 VBMAIN NMW
MET330L Applied Fluid Mechanics LABLubambala Kabengela216 VBMAIN NIS
MTH099 Introduction to MathematicsKevin Mitchell204 VBMAIN NTR
MTH131 College AlgebraGueorgui Dovgalenko201 VBMAIN NMW
MTH131 College AlgebraAdam BeckerHybrid VBMAIN NFH
MTH131 College AlgebraAdam Becker201 VBMAIN NFH
MTH200 Pre-CalculusAnne Vakarietis413 VBMAIN NTR
MTH320 Applied Calculus IIRonald WhiteHybrid VBMAIN NFH
MTH320 Applied Calculus IIRonald White202 VBMAIN NFH
PHY120 PhysicsEric Brass412 VBMAIN NFH
PHY120 PhysicsEric BrassHybrid VBMAIN NFH
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyYvette Rice-Steward211 VBMAIN NTR
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyVeronica LambertHybrid VBMAIN NFH
PSY105 Introduction to PsychologyVeronica Lambert211 VBMAIN NFH