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Using Mobile Technology

We have had great success with our mobile inititives. Our Wounded Warriors can now take advantage of the rich interaction and convenience of these technolgies we have been developing and implementing in our classrooms.

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Tablet Technology

iPads in The Classroom

Our students have enjoyed our iPad intititives in our classes as well. Our instructors have been trained and have real class experience leverageing Tablet technolgies such as iPads in our classes.

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Custom Mobile Applications

We have developed several custom apps for our stduents and faculty. We developed a custom app, English Composition, for our wounded Warriors and are looking forward to their feedback.

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ECPI University

We have developed several eBooks and iBooks for use at our institution. The interaction offered by many of these new books gives the students a much more familiar and positve experience while doing their school work.

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  • College Composition
    College Composition is our first class with our Wounded Warriors facilitating excellent writing skills...

Key Components

  • Great Students Our students make the classes much richer and interactive for all involved.

  • Great Instructors We have been teaching our military for decades, and our instructors are dedicated to bringing qulity education using fowrd technologies and care.

  • Great Technology Our Technology is some of the most cutting edge in education. We have develped apps designed specifically for our Wounded Warriors.

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